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Hi Debra,
Even before the date, I felt very assured about your services. You made the reception portion of our big day the least worrisome. When the big day did come, you and your staff were spectacular. Everyone raved about the food Chef Yuri dished out. For me, the oysters were most excellent and serving it as a shooter was a very good idea. Each guest enjoyed everything and left with a favorite dish from the reception. It was a total sensual delight: from the gustatory to the visual. I really hope that the photographers were able to take pictures of the food as I would like to keep a visual keepsake of the wonderful reception from you. You took away a lot of potential stress. As I walked into the reception, all I could see was perfection and tasting everything simply proved it.

Rob & Lynn 

Dear Debra 

I am so impressed with your ability to organize everything and keep every detail straight- that is such an admirable skill. 

People have asked me to tell you how beautiful everything was, and how good everything tasted.  One friend went on and on about how good your punches were. I seem to recall him sipping on the Strawberry kiwi. You are great, and your staff, everyone, is wonderful. You sure impressed the hell out of both Tom and me!Thank you so much for all you did for us yesterday. You are a wonder of organization to watch, simply amazing how you can out a party together and have it run flawlessly. Katt was truly touched by the entire day. Looking forward to our next engagement!

Anita Hoban

Dear Ms Debra Coker,
Thank you so much for taking care of the Andersons Wedding in Vista March 2004. I was really nervous, being that the groom and I have been friends for 17 years and I was amongst my oldest and dearest friends.  It was important that everything go perfectly. I couldn’t be happier!!  The food was fantastic... Appetizers... Dinner...but most importantly…my friends were very impressed.  On a side note, thanks for seeing I was a bit stressed with the flowers and lending me a hand. You are the best!

Michelle Rocca
Le Passage French Bistro Owner/ Event Planner

Hi Debra,
Everything turned out lovely. With all that was going on you were probably the only one that kept calm and kept us all on track. Thank you so much for making this special day even more special with the awesome job you and you staff performed. You will have to give them a huge thank you from us as well. Thank you so very much and you will hear from us soon.

Sincerely Bernadette and Jason Skerritt 3.1.08 Wedding

Dear Debra,
You and your team were absolutely terrific and the food was delicious.  The service was impeccable and I overheard several times how impressed everyone was not only with the food but with you and your team.  I know I'll call you for our next event. They all wondered how I found you and all I can say is my angels were watching over me.Thank you for spoiling us!

Hugs, Paula & the Globe Guilders

Dear Details,
HOLA from Argentina Deb!!!  Emotions have been running so high lately, but we both agree that we want to relive that day!  the only problem was that it didn’t last long enough!  And YOU!!!  I really can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your hard work, keeping me on track... everything.  There is no way that i could have done that without having a complete melt-down if it weren’t for you! The feedback has been amazing.  Everyone seems to have had a fantastic time and commented on how smooth and organized everything was.  I feel so blessed to have you!  As far as our paths crossing again, that will happen!  We are already talking about how cool it would be to have our 5th anniversary at the power house.

take care!  hugs - bek n greg...THOMAS!!!  : )

Hi Debra,
Your company did a wonderful job taking care of us for our wedding! Details Catering:
This is what you'll be sure to Receive, when you choose to work with Debra Coker!!!!

Lisa Simmons

Good Afternoon Debra,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of our efforts regarding my folks 50th Wedding Anniversary.When I decided you were going to be the person I was going to do business with.  It matters not your product, unless the service is exceptional and your service was exceptional! Being in a specialized field and operating in conjunction with suppliers for events, I must say I was very pleased with your timely execution, your friendly and professional nature.  I work with many events in the US  and in multiple other countries.  I will always be happy to refer business to you in San Diego and in any other location Details Custom Catering operates!

Warm Regards,
Regional Manager

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